IBK – Cord (Cooling Water Hose)

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IBK – Cooling Water Hose Type Cord

Cord (englisch)


  • Dielectric rubber hose, designed for delivery of industrial cooling water and acid or alkaline solutions in low concentration
  • Specifically engineered for applications where electric insulation is required
  • Normally used in foundries, glass industries, steel mills, frequency converters and electrical transformations


  • Synthetic rubber, grey, highly impermeable and smooth (Dielectric strength > 8000 V/mm)


  • Plies of high strength synthetic textile


  • EPDM, dielectric, blue, smooth, resistant to abrasion and weather, cloth finish

–> Alternative: CR, black, insulting (> 4000 V/mm) and self-extinguishing according to ASTM C 542

Temperature resistance media

  • From – 40°C up to + 100°C
  • Peaks up to + 120°C

Safety Factor

  • > 3-times working

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Size Tolerances

 Internal Diameter: ISO 1307 / Wall Thickness: DIN 7715 T4 S2 / Length: ISO 1307

Internal Diameter
Wall Thickness
Bending RadiusWorking Pressure
20°C (bar)
VacuumTheoretical Weight
(kg / m)
Length max.

* The bending radius can be reached at a working pressure of > 1 bar

→ Other sizes and different versions are available on request. Pictures might be different to the original

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Schlauchanschlüsse eng

Our Rubber hoses are manufactured according to the customers’ request.

Especially the connections play an important role.

Further information for the different types of connections you can get here