Graphite seals

Graf-Flex-SP2 seals


Product information
The Graf-Flex-SP-2 seal is a pointed sheet seal produced by a special process. The design of the seal is based on empirical values. Numerous tests have been carried out to verify the adhesion between the pointed sheet and the graphite coating as well as the surface quality, and thus the adhesion between the coating and the fl ange surface.The fi rst phase of these tests led to special perforation of the carrier plate in terms of the geometric shape of the hole and hole distribution. The second phase took account of the adhesion of the seal to the surface of the fl ange and defi – ned the surface quality of the graphite material. The values found in this way were transferred to the mass production process using a special procedure. . This consisted of a specially produced perforated roller for penetrating the sheettogether with a special surface roller. Finally, the graphite coating is applied to the defi ned surface in the calendering process. At the same time, the material is pre-compressed in an admissible manner. The seals produced in this wayare characterised by outstanding sealing properties and anti-adhesion behaviour compared to similar materials.

technical Data

Total Thicknessmm2 + (3)
Purity%> 98
Ash Content%< 2
Chloride Contentppm< 50
Thickness of the Graphite Coatingg/cm³0.7 1.0
Temperature Resistance°C-200 bis +500
Gas Tight, TÜV testes, average valuesmg/s*m0.072 bei 20 N/mm²
referred to DIN 28091, RT, 40 bar0.019 bei 40 N/mm²
Sealing Values K1mm2.5*bD
kO*KDN/mm30*bD (65*bD)

Seals made from Graf-Flex-SP2 have proved to be an outstanding replacement for IT seals containing asbestos. The so-called industrial quality with a maximum 2% ash content and a stainless steel pointed sheet inlay can be used virtually anywhere. Very few media attack Graf-Flex, such as heavily oxidising acids. The resilience in the seal in a temperature range of -200 to +500 °C is 10 to 15% of the residual thickness in operational state and can be regarded as unique. Graf-Flex-SP2 is supplied without surface impregnation to ensure that all the properties of graphite are retained.

Environmentally-friendly packaging has been developed for handling the seal.

Packaging units: e.g. seals to DIN 2690
Up to DN 50 = 10 pieces
Up to DN 80 = 5 pieces
Up to DN 100 = 3 pieces

Due to the plate size, the seals can be supplied up to an outer diameter of 990 mm. Beyond that, rectangular seals can be produced in a special format of 1000*3000 mm.
The data featured on the foregoing page correspond to our standard range. Modifi ed versions are possible subject to agreement. We offer a special graphite quality with lower ash and chloride contents for nuclear facilities.

Graf-Flex smooth sheet seals


Product information
Graf-Flex coated seals are produced from metal sheets coated on both sides with graphite. The processed sheet primarily consists of stainless steel 1.4571. The geometric form of the seal is produced using lasers. This results in a very high fi tting accuracy and plane parallelism. In addition, virtually any kind of form can be produced.Depending on the size of the seal or on the width to be pressed, additional sealing zones are applied with w=8 mm, h=0.5 mm.
bD > 25mm => additional sealing zone

The Graf-Flex coatings are fi xed by a micro-thin adhesive film and are thus given the outstanding properties of graphitewith regard to thermal and chemical resistance.

The versions listed above correspond to our standard range. Further dimensions are available on request.

technical Data

Total ThicknessDN < 1200mm345
Sheet Thicknessmm233
Coating Thicknessmm2*0.52*0.52*1.0
Total ThicknessDN > 1200mm45
Sheet Thicknessmm23
Coating Thicknessmm2*1.02*1.0
Total ThicknessRectangular Sealsmm345
Sheet Thicknessmm223
Coating Thicknessmm2*0.52*1.02*1.0
Purity%> 98
Ash Content%< 2
Chloride Contentppm< 50
Thickness of the Graphite Coatingg/cm³0.7-1.0
Temperature Resistance°Cbis 500
Sealing Valuesk1mm2*bD

Graf-Flex foils/plates

technical Data

Graphite QualityIN
Purity%> 98> 99,8
Ash Content%< 2< 0.2
Chloride Contentppm< 50< 30
Sum of Chlorine + Flourineppm< 100
Raw Densityg/cm³0.7-1.00.7-1.0
Lowest Operating Temperature°C-200-200
Highest Operating Temperature°C+500+500
Graf-Flex foil:Quality N0.5 mm0.75 mm
Quality I
Graf-Flex plates:Quality N1.0 mm1.0 mm1.35 mm
Quality I1.35 mm1.5 mm1.5 mm
Graf-Flex-SP2Quality I
with stainless steel pointed sheet insert:
Thickness: 0.1 mm
Material: 1.4401
Total Thickness: 2 mm (3 mm)
Graf-Flex smooth sheetQuality I self-adhesive on
Stainless steel 1.4571 etc.3.0 mm4.0 mm5.0 mm
Graf-Flex comb profileQuality I stainless steel4.0 mm
comb profile bearer:Thickness: 3.0 mm
Material: 1.4571
Coating: 0,5 mm

The featured data correspond to our standard range. Other qualities or versions can be supplied on request. Special materials are available for nuclear facilities.