Fabric Compensators

Fabric compensators are highly fl exible and usually made of multi-ply fabric, offering excellent temperature resistance and chemical resistance depending on the particular design. Mainly used in pipe and conduit systems to compensate for axial, lateral and angular movements. One major advantage of this type of compensator is the low restoring forces.

Special fabric materials permit temperatures of up to 1,000°C. Additional insulation can be used to resist temperatures of up to 1,600°C .

A baffl e can be fi tted for abrasive media. We produce top quality compensators for your specifi c application.

Chemical plants, refineries, metallurgical industry, ventilation systems, chimney construction, industrial furnace construction, power stations, boiler systems, waste incineration plants, acoustic decoupling.
Kevlar, fibre glass, glass needle felt, stone mineral wool mats, ceramic fabric, ceramic fibre mats, silicate felt mats, silicate fabric, Tefl on
Connection types:
Continuous screws and screwed counter flange, clamping bars, tensioning belts straps


  • nominal widths up to NW 3000
  • operating pressures up to approx. 2 bar
  • additional insulation possible
  • gas-tight textiles with excellent chemical resistance
  • single or multi-ply structure
  • reduction of oscillations and vibrations
  • baffles can be fitted
  • multi-ply structure for rating flexibly to the operating parameters
  • special solutions available
  • very easy to install
  • suitable for positive and negative pressures
  • round and angular design possible
  • fixed either with clamps or flanges
  • open compensators or compensator hinges