Compensators – other solutions

Rectangular compensators
Compensating for expansion in square or rectangular pipe systems. To be used wherever classic fabric compensators are not suitable because of high pressure or other special technical aspects.

  • compensating for axial, lateral and angular movements
  • suitable for vibrations
  • with welding ends or flanges
  • absolutely gas-tight
  • permanently resistant to pressure and temperature
  • can be assembled in segments
  • multi-ply design for low adjusting forces
  • permanently resistant to corrosion
  • bracing possible

District-heating compensators
Compensating for longitudinal changes in district heating pipes. Special compensators suitable for installation both above ground and underground. There are two main types: district-heating compensators for non-recurring heat expansion and operating compensators for recurring movement processes.

  • corrosion-resistant design
  • with movement limitation
  • long service life
  • highly flexible bellows for greatest possible movement compensation
  • outer protective casing
  • inner guide pipe to protect the bellows
  • reduced number of fixed points
  • control bore can be fitted
  • various types available

The unique corrugated geometry provides a hygienic solution for the food industry. This is achieved by an optimized bellows height combined with special corrugation spacing. The design warrants optimum turbulence between each corrugation, keeping the bellows clean. The housing is sealed to the bellows by seals to warrant that no dirt can settle between the bellows and the casing.

  • high self-cleaning effect
  • vertical or horizontal fitting
  • only product to pass the EHEDG cleaning test
  • simple pipeline construction
  • bellows protected by casing
  • control bore can be fitted as leakage indicator

Universal compensators
Designed according to the standard compensators. Greater compensation for combination movements in the axial and lateral direction than in a standard compensator. The compensator consists of two bellows with an intermediate pipe to achieve greater lateral movement compensation.

  • space-saving construction possible
  • fewer fixed points/bearings necessary
  • with or without bracing
  • also available with inner protective pipe

Exhaust compensator
Designed according to the standard compensators, but suitable for higher temperatures. Used for gas and exhaust pipes, engines and generators.

  • attenuates vibrations and oscillations
  • permanently gas-tight
  • corrosion-resistant
  • with special materials (e.g. Incoloy®) suitable up to temperatures of approx. 1,000 °C.
  • possible in round, square and rectangular design

Compensators with corner relief
Frequently used in steam turbines or in district -heating pipes.

  • ower spring rates
  • long service life
  • safe to use even under extremely adverse operating conditions

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