IBK – VAPO-Resist (Steam Hose for cleaning up)

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IBK – Steam Hose (for cleaning up) Type VAPO-Resist

Vapo Resist


  • Delivery hose with food quality, specifically designed for cleaning operations with saturated steam (up to +164°C) and hot water wash down services
  • Normally used in diary industries, creameries and food processing plants for safe operations during hot water and steam cleaning processes
  • The inner liner, specifically compounded to convey hot water and steam (up to +164°C), allows safe cleaning and disinfection procedures
  • The outer layer provides good heat resistance
  • Hose according to EC 1935/2004, 2023/2006/EC (GMP) and EC 1907/2006 (REACH)


  • EPDM, white, mirror-smooth, resistant to abrasion, ozone, weather and high temperatures
  • Compliance: FDA standards and D.M. 21/03/73


  • Plies of synthetic textile


  • EPDM, blue, smooth, cloth finish, resistant to abrasion, ozone, weather and high temperatures and resistant to animal and vegetable fats

Temperature resistance media

  • From – 40°C up to + 164°C

Safety Factor

  • At 95°C working pressure 20 bar, burst pressure > 3-times working pressure
  • At 164°C working pressure 6 bar, burst pressure > 6-times working pressure

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Size Tolerances

 Internal Diameter: EN 12 115 / Wall Thickness: DIN 7715 T4 S2 / Length: ISO 1307

Internal Diameter
Wall Thickness
Bending RadiusWorking Pressure
at 164°C (bar)
Working Pressure
at 95°C (bar)
Theoretical Weight
(kg / m)
Length max.

→ Other sizes and different versions are available on request. Pictures might be different to the original

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Our Rubber hoses are manufactured according to the customers’ request.

Especially the connections play an important role.

Further information for the different types of connections you can get here