IBK–SAFE–H® Sealing System

Developed by IBK Wiesehahn, the secondary friction connection seal with H-profile has created an area of application in the industrial branch.
The successfull conzept of “secondary friction connection” is based on the separation of bracing and sealing.

Standard (Type STDA and Type STD)

Ideal for conducting liquid and gaseous media as well as acids and lyes. Also outstanding for absorbing lifting movements, such as on the covers of annealing and electric furnaces, and as a compensator to absorb slight vibrations and noise.

High-Flexible (Type HFA and Type HF)

All applications which require the smallest possible bending radii and our hose type „IBK – STD” cannot be deployed due to its larger bending radii. This type is also particularly recommended for use as a double hose line.