This seal is a specially manufactured product type. The base fabric made from spun ceramic stack fibers is coated all round with natural rubber in an extremely complicated process. This coating, which fills the structure of the fabric, gives the base material a very high cross-section density. In addition, a chromium steel wire is worked in during spinning to keep the strength constant during temperature fluctuations. After graphite impregnation, the cut fabric is wound into the respective form and vulcanized in moulds to produce the finished seals. The plate format restricts the outer diameter to 950 mm. The thickness is 3.2 mm.

Areas of application: Max. admissible operating temperature: 250°C Max. admissible inner pressure: 40 bar

Versions: Square, rectangular, round

Installation instructions:

  • Check the state of the sealing surfaces
  • If necessary, remove soot, dirt or seal residues. Work in a circumferential direction when scraping or grinding.
  • Do not use any additional sealing paste or separating agents. (These could reduce the stability of the seal!)
  • Check that the seal is in perfect condition, ensure a central position during installation.
  • Make sure that no protruding fabric edges are rolled on during insertion.
  • Tighten bolts evenly. If possible, always tighten with a torque key.
  • A new seal must be installed each time the union is opened
  • Keep replacement seals cool (at room temp.), dry and store flat.