Connection Variants

Torsional stress arises from the incorrect stripping at the ends, this is avoided by straight roll-out.
Too severe bending stress should be avoided by the employment of a roller or a hose saddle.
In case of a hose length which is too short, the hose is kinked at the hose ends. Plan for a straight length of at least 2 - 3 ND x (see illustration) so that this is avoided.
The kinking of the hose line is avoided through the installation of a pipe bend
The hose line may not be installed in offset connection level since otherwise harmful torsional stress results. Avoid this through installation in a parallel level.
Bending stress and too sharp a curve immediately after the connection fittings should be avoided through the utilization of pipe bends and installation in U-shape.
The hose line may not be overbent at its ends and in order to avoid this, the hose line should be routed through pipe bends.
Axial movements should be avoided through the installation in vertical form.
In order to avoid torsional stress the hose line may not be twisted with movements, therefore it is important that the hose line takes up its movements in the bending level only.
Movements in several directions may not be taken up through an individual hose, rather through angle lines. Axially occurring vibrations are not taken up by hoses.