Recommendation for cleaning food hoses

Recommendations for the cleaning and disinfection of food hoses

Hot water0until + 95°C
Steam0until + 130°C (max. 30 min)
Sodium hydroxide solutionuntil + 2%
until + 5%
at max. + 85°C
at max. + 25°C
Nitric acid
until + 0,1%
until + 2%
at max. + 85°C
at max. + 25°C
Chloroacetic aciduntil + 1%at max. + 25°C
Peracetic aciduntil + 1,5%at max. + 25°C
Phosphoric aciduntil + 2%at max. + 65°C

→ The above mentioned resistance list is based on test which were conducted in laboratory,
as well on technical literature and on empirical value.
(Without consideration of mechanical load)

→ The above listed data should be considered as general information, which may change
depending on the conditions of use and the service life of the hose.

→ In case of ambiguities especially for mixing various disinfectants,
please contact our staff.